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Background Processing

Background Processing

Trusted Security Thorough Investigations

With InnovateHR’s comprehensive background processing services, you can ensure the safety and integrity of your workplace. We provide detailed background checks that encompass everything from criminal history to credit reports, so you can have confidence in every hire.

Nationwide Criminal Searches

We cast a wide net with our criminal history searches, including checking sex offender registries, OFAC, and national security watchlists to safeguard your company against any potential threats.

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In-Depth Record Searches

InnovateHR delves into criminal records at the state, federal, and international levels, and conducts manual county criminal record searches to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Credential Checks

Our services confirm the authenticity of Social Security numbers, employment histories, educational qualifications, and more.

Financial and Legal Records

We provide insights into candidates’ financial reliability and integrity with detailed checks into bankruptcy, civil records, and other pertinent financial data.

Additional Background Services

Our turnaround time balances thoroughness with efficiency, ensuring that most checks are completed within 3 to 5 days so you can move forward with your recruitment confidently. With InnovateHR’s background processing, you gain the assurance of a secure and reliable workforce empowered by the due diligence of industry-standard vetting procedures.

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