Spice Up Your Day With Interns!

    Paula Fulghum

    Sometimes work becomes…well… work.

    In order to break up the day a bit, sometimes it is beneficial to see it through a new set of eyes. Yesterday, our HR Director Veronica Bennett did just that. We were asked to participate in the GSHRM Clemson Shadow program where an intern follows along for the day to get a taste of what they are learning in school. Through the course of the day, our “shadow” Kristen Brown followed Veronica from client to client where she saw an employee handbook roll-out for a small family- owned business, participated in an executive discussion about compensation plans and merit increase roll-outs and even witnessed a pretty dramatic employee relations issue. While meeting with the client about the strategy with the employee issue, the CEO looked at our shadower and asked her “what would you do?”- She handled her response with flying colors and we were SO proud!

    While it was great to see how excited our shadow was about what she saw during the course of the day, it was equally gratifying to see the enthusiasm our HR Director displayed. It suddenly became clear to me that while we initally thought we were doing the shadow program a favor, we eventually learned it was the other way around!

    Thanks Kristen!

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