Amanda Pruitt

    Amanda Pruitt

    Accounting Coordinator

    What I love about working here:

    I worked for a corporate PEO company for two years before coming to innovateHR. While I loved the experience and learned a lot, I definitely felt like I was lost and just a number in the corporate world. I started at Innovate as a temp, and I’ve been here for almost a year now and love it! I love the small office atmosphere and being able to help others on a daily basis. I can’t wait to continue to grow with innovateHR.

    My favorite client moment:

    I had a colleague that had gotten sick and had to leave work about 15 minutes before she was giving a webinar. I stepped up to the plate and offered to help in her absence. I had never conducted a webinar before, so I picked up the phone, dialed in, took a deep breath, and went with it. The webinar went really well, and the client was pleased with how it went!

    What Is Your Number One Asset? People

    You Make Decisions. We Make Them Work.