Hayley McIntire

    Hayley McIntire

    Ambassador of Buzz

    What I love about working here:

    I found InnovateHR in an organic, networking kind of way. I knew my next career move had to be one of purpose, mutual benefit, and would need to be the absolute best fit possible. I had a checklist of what I wanted from a company and this one checked of every single box. I approached the process saying I enjoyed businesses that embraced individuality and spurred creativity. One manifestation of that I appreciate is fun job titles. Now, here I am! The very first Ambassador of Buzz.

    My favorite client moment:

    In a recent client meeting, I got to see just how immersed the InnovateHR team is with each business. As the CEO of the client company reviewed specific experiences he has had with our tribe, he spoke of them as if they were old pals. In that moment, I realized we are a step above the vendors in our market who claim to do HR, and lack that je ne sais quoi that comes with clients working with us on a truly first name basis.

    What Is Your Number One Asset? People

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