Jess Shurden

    Jess Shurden

    HR Coordinator

    What I love about working here:

    What I love most about working at innovateHR is that every day, we have hundreds of chances to either make our clients’ lives easier or to help them and their employees navigate through a situation. Sometimes it’s a small thing and other times it’s something more substantial, but the end goal is always to leave the client or employee better than we found them, and that makes me excited to come to work every day.

    My favorite client moment:

    My favorite client moments so far have revolved around getting new hires into the system quickly and getting feedback from managers about how helpful that is to them. I understand how critical it is for our clients to not only attract employees, but also to quickly and efficiently onboard them so they can start adding value to the company as soon as possible. My goal is to make that process seamless for our clients, so I love hearing from them when they’ve had a great experience.

    What Is Your Number One Asset? People

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