Jordan Carr

    Jordan Carr

    Operations Manager

    What I love about working here:

    One of my favorite parts about my role at innovateHR is learning about clients in the implementation process, and working with our team to provide solutions for their particular business and employees. I love being able to see the transformation from a new client to a fully implemented client, because in looking at that, I can see how much we have made their lives easier than before working with us.

    My favorite client moment:

    My favorite moments with clients involve helping them learn and navigate through our online systems, and empowering them to accomplish things on their own in the simplest and most efficient manner. It is most gratifying when they initially tell me that [they think] there is “no way” that we could possibly provide the tools to automate a unique way that they do something, and proving that it really is possible. I know I have done my job when they express how they could never go back to their “old way” of doing something, and how they “cannot believe” that we were actually able to accommodate their very specific needs. I feel very fortunate to work with a team of people who truly care about the best interest of our clients.

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