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Nat min

Nat Green

Sales Executive

What I Love About Working Here:

Leadership perpetuates culture. Culture reflects leadership. innovateHR has excellent leadership, and the work environment is the best I have seen in my 20+ years of experience in sales. That culture permeates everything we do as a company. When the team that is serving you comes from a positive, cohesive, and proactive environment, it makes for an entirely different type of business relationship. The work we do at innovateHR matters tremendously and impacts organizations in many ways. Our staff bands together to share ideas and help each other work through complex situations. We maintain a positive attitude, have a desire to learn and be inquisitive, and laugh together, and as a team. Additionally, we share the common goal of giving our clients the most unique, best support and partner experience they have ever had. In short, innovateHR is family. That feeling goes beyond our internal staff and is often echoed by our clients. That is rare in a company and why I love it!

My Favorite Client Moment:

The moment a prospective client realizes the impact innovateHR can have on their company, I can see it on their face. They can actually visualize how we will help them achieve all of their goals and even ones they never thought of. It is what makes us different. That is the power of innovateHR!

My Favorite Moment:

I love anytime our team gets together – live or virtual. We have a tight knit group that has a ton of fun together. Anyone that knows me knows I love to laugh. We do a lot of that when we are together.

What is your number one asset? People

You Make Decisions. We Make Them Work.