Robin Boggs

    Robin Boggs

    HR Manager

    What I love:

    I love working here because I am in a position of influence. I feel valued and important. There is great joy in helping others, and I find that whenever the phone rings and the caller needs assistance. I enjoy building relationships with our clients and their management teams and observing how communication builds rapport is a rewarding experience. Training clients on various topics—from a new policy or procedure, to even handling frustration with an employee—is a deeply gratifying experience that I notice has a noticeable impact in a workplace’s day-to-day operations. I especially enjoy deescalating the frustrations of clients who do not know where to turn for help. Developing solutions with my clients is a purpose worth pursuing!

    Favorite Client Moment:

    Building relationships between clients and their management teams is so important, and one example stands out from a client in the hospitality field. I was informed by an Area Manager how my frequent coaching on how to effectively manage difficult or challenging employees has had a positive impact on his business and has helped his managers better handle unexpected situations.

    What Is Your Number One Asset? People

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