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Shanna min

Shanna Chambers

Vice President of Human Resources

What I Love About Working Here:

Working in Human Resources presents a unique and rewarding challenge – striking a delicate balance between ensuring employee satisfaction and safeguarding the interests of the employer. What I particularly love about my role is the dynamic nature of each day. No two days are identical, and this variety keeps me engaged and motivated. Every day brings new opportunities to devise solutions, whether it’s resolving conflicts, improving processes, or enhancing workplace culture. It’s this intricate dance of balancing various elements and finding solutions that makes my job truly fulfilling.

My Favorite Client Moment:

In my role, the moments I cherish most are those when I can alleviate the stress of a complex employee relations issue for a client. It brings me immense satisfaction to reassure them that the situation will be addressed promptly, professionally, and fairly. The moment of relief that washes over a client’s face when they understand that I am stepping in to resolve a challenging situation is truly rewarding. This not only underscores the value of our partnership but also reaffirms my commitment to providing exceptional service. Witnessing their regained composure and confidence reaffirms my passion for what I do – navigating the intricacies of employee relations to bring about resolution and harmony.

My Favorite Moment:

I consider myself fortunate to experience my favorite moments on a daily basis, and this is largely due to the exceptional tribe I work with. Each member brings a unique quality that contributes to the dynamic of our organization, creating a rich tapestry of skills, perspectives, and experiences. The synergy of our collective efforts generates a positive energy that I find invigorating. It’s this collaborative spirit, where everyone’s unique contribution is valued and harnessed towards our common goals, that truly makes every day rewarding for me.

What is your number one asset? People

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