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For every dollar spent on wellness programs, an average company saves 5 times that amount in employee absenteeism costs. There is a huge amount of data highlighting that healthier employees improve our bottom line, which also mirrors employees demands for greater work balance, and quality of life.

A big part of quality of life is wellness – employers need to offer something unique to attract and retain the right talent.

InnovateHR Travel Club is a new type of employee wellness program that benefits your employees and your bottom line

We need to change the way we think about benefits

If vacation time off with travel is the trick to healthier employees that improve our bottom line, why are we offering employer benefits that aren’t in line with this? It’s time to change that – look at benefits in a new way.

How it works

innovateHR Travel Club is a reward-based program which enables your employees to get the most of the vacation benefits you already offer to them, through discounted travel and a rewarding employer sponsored points system.

Why it works

Research has shown that employees who take at least one meaningful vacation per year reduce health risks and increase performance and productivity at work. Helping your employees take a vacation can improve your bottom line.

Join Our travel club

We’d love to discuss with you how innovateHR Travel Club can have a positive impact on your bottom line and create an engaged and productive workforce.