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While things like retirement benefits, health insurance, and short- and long-term disability are still crucial, they’re hardly enough to woo today’s top-tier employee. If you really want to attract the best candidates, a benefits package stuffed with perks is essential.

One of the easiest ways to stand out from the rest? Add a wellness program to your current package.

Consider these statistics:

About 87% of employees said they consider health and wellness offerings when choosing an employer (Forbes, 2013).
63% of employers offering wellness programs reported increased financial sustainability and growth (IFEBP, 2017).
For every dollar spent on wellness programs, a business saves $5.82 in employee absenteeism costs (ISDH).
The most popular wellness programs include smoking cessation (91%), physical activity programs (86%), and weight management (79%) (Fidelity, 2017).
61% of employees enrolled in a company’s wellness program reported healthier lifestyle changes (Alfac, 2017).
A workplace wellness program positively influences everyone in an organization—yours would be no different.