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You are our #1 focus


We are all about empowering and investing in employees since they are the first point of contact with customers. innovateHR exists so that customers have the best experience possible from the most courteous, empathetic, prompt, and knowledgeable employees possible. innovateHR invests in employees in several ways. See our services below for more detail.

innovateHR is a full-service off-site HR team of specialists that serves as one point of contact for all things related to the entire HR back-office, while you focus on people strategies and the vision of the organization you serve.

Employee Feedback

Companies thrive on hearing every voice and innovateHR ensures yours is amplified. We enable you to give your company a piece of your mind (and heart) by providing customized surveys. We all want to see positive change and we work to ensure your voice is heard!

What is your number one asset? People

You Make Decisions. We Make Them Work.