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The financial success of any company relies on the competency of its CFO. Strategic CFOs need up-to-date people systems and technology in place to manage their workforce accurately and efficiently. That’s why a strong HR partner is critical to the success of the CFO, yet most HR functions and HR departments remain overwhelmed with daily administrative tasks and lack the resources to implement strategies to move the business forward in an impactful way.

innovateHR provides the answer with a full-service off-site HR team of specialists serving as a single point of contact for everything related to HR functions, allowing your leadership team to focus on what really matters: your people, your vision, and your core business.

innovateHR is a full-service off-site HR team of specialists that serves as one point of contact for all things related to the entire HR back-office, while you focus on people strategies and the vision of the organization you serve.

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Full service Payroll system

We provide a full-service, online payroll system with customized General Ledger Interface, offering the best and most up-to-date technology while freeing you to do the work you love.

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