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The job market is tight and great people are hard to find. Traditional benefits are no longer the attractive tool they once were, forcing employers to find ways to not only retain talent, but also develop that talent, which is critical to the long-term success of their business. Millennials make up more than 50% of the workforce, yet most of those employees are not ready to lead. Without leadership development now, companies won’t be able to compete or remain profitable due to this generational gap that is quickly approaching. Companies must focus on leadership development to stay relevant in the marketplace. Employees of today expect leadership development and view it as a competitive benefit.

innovateHR is committed to your success in the following ways:


Customized, on-site instructor-led training & development group classes.


Online Self-Paced leadership courses that can be completed anywhere, anytime you’re connected.

Courses Available:

Continuing education

We offer the best insights and experience in the industry. Browse through any of our offerings to learn more about why innovateHR is considered one of the most empowering companies doing what we do best!

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The best Leaders

There is an adage where an executive asks another “What happens if we invest in these people and they leave?” and the other executive replies “What happens if we don’t invest in them, and they don’t leave?” The best leaders know that investing in the future requires passing the torch to the next generation. Duplicate your company’s success by sharing your knowledge with those who will lead your company after you.

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