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We do the work, while you focus on people strategies


Most HR professionals spend so much time on daily compliance and administrative tasks related to HR, Payroll and Benefits, they aren’t able to spend time on developing people strategies that lead to successful companies.


They often outsource one or two functions related to these things but still find themselves spending more time juggling multiple softwares and/or vendors which takes up more of their time, leaving them frustrated because they had added cost and added work trying to manage everything.

innovateHR is a full-service off-site HR team of specialists that serves as one point of contact for all things related to the entire HR back-office, while you focus on people strategies and the vision of the organization you serve.

Hourly consulting

If you need additional hands for a project, or some expertise outside your own, we can help you with that by providing hourly consulting services at a discounted rate for full service clients.

What is your number one asset? People

You Make Decisions. We Make Them Work.