It’s A Beautiful Day!
Getting a Good Night’s Sleep Before a Work Day

The sun is up, the birds are singing, and it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day.  The only downside is its 6:30 on a Monday morning, and guess where you have to be in an hour and a half…work.  Let’s be honest, no one wants to get up that early on a Monday morning.  Overnight, your weekend fun is in the past, and you’re trying with everything in you to roll out of bed and rush out the door to get to work on time.

This can be a challenge, and it’s definitely no fun to be in a rush either.  Here are some quick and easy way to make sure you get enough rest for the next day:

  • Be consistent: Try your best to go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time each day, even on the weekends.
  • Don’t go straight to sleep after supper: This is one that I personally struggle with. It’s been a long day.  You’re full from supper.  All you want to do is sleep.  DON’T DO IT.  You’ll wake up in the middle of the night and feel miserable the next day.  Try and keep yourself stimulated by reading a book, doing laundry, or washing dishes.
  • Turn the lights off: This includes night lights, televisions, and phones. Lights of any kind can keep your mind going and keep you awake.  So no matter how badly you want to tell Facebook goodnight, it’s not worth you losing sleep over.

Keep these in mind for good rest from now on.  Wake up!  It’s a beautiful day!