To round out the month of April, we wanted to touch base on a topic that is crucial to your work performance: mental health.  Mental health is a serious topic and it is important to keep this in check while you are working.  Here are three helpful tips to keep this in balance at work:

  1. Listening to music. This can help you to focus and block out any distractions around you.  This one is a favorite among the Innovate team J
  2. Leave it at the door. Anything that happens at work, stays at work.  It is very important to keep the two separate as work stresses can cause life and home stresses.
  3. Make a to-do list for the next day. This will help you set your priorities and allow you to get yourself ready for the next day.  Yesterday’s problems are in the past.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Make it a good one!

You’re not alone in the stresses that work can bring mentally.  You’re stronger than you realize.  Believe us when we say, “You got this.”