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Our clients share their success stories every day and we would like to share those tips with you:

1. Create a “Why Work For Us?” Brochure that is the focal point of your recruitment process. This is a point often missed by most organizations that can prove to be the most useful. Instead of selling your company’s product or service, sell your culture.

2. Use personality based assessments to understand how to build your team better. Use these tools to understand what personalities work best with your current team instead of zoning in on one personality type.

3. Shadow for the day as part of the interview process. Try before you buy. This is the opportunity to see how your candidate interacts with potential team members while allowing them the opportunity to see assess the environment.

4. Prepare a detailed copy of the job description, the hours of work and the requirements and the expectations of the posi-tion so that candidates walk away from the position with a clear picture of the company and the expectations.

5. Create a benefits website with a candidate portal that displays your company’s benefits offerings. We are in the age of the internet, so get with it!

6. Create an “offer process” and stick to it. This process should include a formal offer letter, benefits packet with all company related perks with forms and documents for an employee to complete with clear instructions of who they need to contact for questions.

7. Remember that there is only once chance to set a first impression. You are interviewing the applicants, but never forget that they are also interviewing you. If you sell a consumer product or service, remember that your candidates are also customers and they won’t forget the experience if they aren’t chosen for the position, however, they might buy something from you in the future.