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Kiersten logsdon

Kiersten Logsdon

Implementation Manager

What I Love About Working Here:

At InnovateHR I am thankful for the opportunity to voice my ideas and share my opinions on tasks that directly impact client success. I am blessed to work with such a collaborative tribe – a tribe that is action oriented and sets and achieves meaningful goals to better serve our clients and their employees.

My Favorite Client Moment:

At InnovateHr we are innovative, creative and solution based. My favorite moment was when a client was experiencing a breakdown in communication between their hiring managers and new hires. They needed our help and brought this situation to our attention to guide them in the right direction to best resolve this. We were able to create a next steps guide to assist in bridging the gap in communication. The client was thrilled, and it was exactly what they needed. This led to a better overall experience for their new hires. Each of our clients has different needs and being able to meet those needs makes any day a great day.

My Favorite Moment:

Every month, our tribe meets for team collaboration. Recently, we were reminded of our roots and the foundation of our business. This was a great experience for our team to bond over the reason we continue to show up each day to support our clients and their employees. What we do matters.

What is your number one asset? People

You Make Decisions. We Make Them Work.