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Sam eaton

Sam Eaton

Coaching and Development

What I Love About Working Here:

Well, gosh where do I start with this one?! We are ‘innovate’ by name and ‘innovate’ by nature. We have a team who shows up every day – everyone is constantly learning and evolving as our clients evolve in today’s ever-changing marketplace. I love the learning evolution and the fact we work hard/play hard. It’s a great culture and one I’m proud to be a part of.

My Favorite Client Moment:

My favorite client moments are when things go wrong – which happens right? We will always work alongside the client to resolve it, and that collaboration part during a tough moment is so rewarding as it shows the depth of the relationships we have built.

My Favorite Moment:

My favorite moment was when a client was totally overwhelmed with everything she had going on and needed help. So, we arranged a meeting with her and members of our team to go through what she was working on and to see how we could support her. During our meeting, I visibly saw her shoulders relax and her stress levels reduce. We were able to reassign a lot of the operational HR tasks to us, enabling her to focus on a large company change that was coming. Seeing the relief and the immediate difference we were able to make was great.

What is your number one asset? People

You Make Decisions. We Make Them Work.