Why Can’t We Be Friends?
Dealing With Conflict in the Workplace

No one likes confrontation or conflict.  A lot of people believe that these are only relevant in the dramas that come along with being in high school.  However, these issues are still prevalent in adult life and the workplace.  You can be the nicest person in the world, and still have conflict with a co-worker, or not have everyone like you.  These topics are not always easy to deal with, but here’s some tips and trick on how to deal with these sticky situations:

  • Listen, listen, listen: This one can be really hard.  When a person you may not get along with well is talking about a work related circumstance, it’s hard not to go into Charlie Brown mode or jump to conclusions.  Really take the time to listen to them.  They might have an idea or resolution to a problem that you didn’t think of.
  • Don’t be emotional: It’s never fun to get your feelings hurt, but it’s even worse to pitch a fit with a colleague that you don’t always get along with.  It’s embarrassing and can cause other colleagues to distrust your judgement. Focus on working toward the end goal and what you are trying to accomplish as a team.
  • Bite the bullet: Sometimes it’s just best to address the issue head on.  Be open and honest with the person about how you are feeling, but focus on the problem at hand and not the person behind it.  Who knows, you might find that you agree with each other more than you realize.

Conflict is never easy and can be hard to confront at times, but you can always find a positive with a negative.  Some of the best working relationships began with conflict, and who knows, yours could too.