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Most employees haven’t thought seriously about the idea of bullying since the playground in elementary school. However, bullying is still a

problem even in the adult-life of the workplace. Workplace bullying involves unreasonable and repeated actions  toward an individual with the intentof intimidation. Bullying involves any behaviors that intimidates, degrades, or humiliates someone, often in front of groups of people. Bullying is an ongoing action, not a single act of aggression. Examples of bullying in the workplace include excessive monitoring, being a consistent target of practical jokes, being publicly humiliated, being invalidly criticized, being sworn at, and many others. Being the target of a workplace bully can affect an individual in aspect oflife. But ‘with effective communication, conflicts can be resolved in a positive manner. When communicating with others at work, or in general, be sure to think through what you’re saying and use as positive wording as possible.

When criticism is necessary, make it constructive not degrading. Arguments and issues aren’t fun to resolve, but if done effectively they can lay a foundation for improvement!

Quality communication can improve almost any organization settings. Even if nothing else, remember, the basics we’ve all been taught. Think beforeyou speak, and only say things to others that you would want said to you. With time, your organization can have ultimate satisfaction

and motivation by remembering that a key aspect to organizational success is quality communication. many ways from stress and depression to sleepdisturbance or reduced self-esteem. While general bullying is not technically illegal in the workplace, unless it is harassment, there are

many things that can be done to counteract bullying. If noticed and reported continuously, employers can begin to stop bullying y addressing

that there is a problem. Also if necessary, an employer can enforce their own workplace bullying policy. So, any noticeable bullying within an organization should be taken seriously and confronted to prevent not only harm to the health and wellbeing of the victim, but also negative effects for the company in general. The organization can suffer from loss of employees due to bullying and loss of effort from employees

when effort is redirected towards handling issues with bullies. Working together, within an organization, to come to an understanding about no tolerance of workplace bullying can help to keep your workplace full of healthy and happy workers.